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version: 2.0.0


IntelliHub is a cloud platform wherein you can build wide range of solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain etc.

Access IntelliHub from anywhere and everywhere. Deploy solutions on the cloud. Consume services from the cloud.IntelliHub is committed to highest level of security compliances for data protection and privacy to provide reliable and secure services.IntelliHub has blazing fast responses and and set new records in mitigating DDoS attacks and the processing transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

These are a set of services which enable you to use leverage Machine Learning, NLP, NLG, Computer Vision to build solutions. Some of the services are:

  • ML : Build custom ML models on teh cloud based on your business needs.

  • Vision : Extract image insights and detect and recognise entities.

  • Language : Analyse text sentences and classify them as positive, neutral or negative.

  • Conversation : Use Speech to Text and Text to Speech Tools for your business applications.

  • Chatbot : Build custom enterprise grade chatbots on the cloud.

  • Tape : Perform emotion analysis on video content.

  • Content Inspector : Inspect content in terms of sarcasm and abuse analysis.

Business Intelligence

These are a set of services which enable you to use Big Data architecture to explore, analyse and clean data. Some of the services are:

  • Darwin : Ingest data from multiple sources, transform, dump and analyse the data.


These are a set of services which enable you to use Internet Of Things and connect devices to the cloud. Some of the services are:

  • IoT Platform : Connect devices to the cloud and send data and analyse them.


These are a set of services which enable you to use blockchain on the cloud . Some of the services are:

  • Block IPFS : Use decentralized storage to scale up your storage requirements.


As part of version 2.0.0, IAM enables you to create user groups and add and revoke users. Permissions allowed are Read and Write.


To start consuming IntelliHub services through APIs, you would first have to create an app in the console.Once your app is successfully created, an API key and an API Secret is generated which is like your access key to access these APIs. Put this API key in the header as mentioned in the documentation of services to consumke APIs.


Each Service has its own set of pricing plans. Once you are done creating an app, enable these services by buying a plan for the respective service.

You can also skip the plans and directly consume APIs through your Spotflock Cloud Units (SCUs). Keep on recharging your SCUs or better go for a plan for commercial use to consume services without hassle.


For any issues regarding any APIs , you can raise tickets here.

For any queries, you can always contact us at our Customer Care.