Case Studies

Simple solutions to really complex problems.

Predicting Player Churn

Predicting player churn allows you to proactively take measures to prevent churn before it actually happens. In this case study, We will build classification model to predict player churn.

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Predicting House Prices

A house value is simply more than location and square footage. Like the features that make up a person, an educated party would want to know all aspects that give a house its value. We are going to take advantage of all of the feature variables available to us and use it to analyse and predict house prices.

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Loan Default Prediction

Investors (lenders) provide loans to borrowers in exchange for the promise of repayment with interest. That means the lender only makes profit (interest) if the borrower pays off the loan. However, if he/she doesn’t repay the loan, then the lender loses money. Through this case study we make a model to predict if a person will default a loan or not.

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Review Inspector

First thing people see before buying a product or service is online reviews. In this case study we will see how Review Inspector help us to analyzes sentiments of this reviews so that business owners can align their strategies with customer demand.

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Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting helps us determine if sales for the particular item will increase or decrease. Accordingly, we can plan promotional activities for that item. In this case study, We will build regression model to forecast sales.

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