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Our Offerings

Infinite opportunities with Computer vision,
Natural Language Processing, Automated
Machine Learning and a lot of other AI

Our mission is to help provide Deep Technology platform with ethical AI
for businesses that offer smart and meaningful products and services.

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Custom ML models created on the cloud. A program aimed at shaping your enterprise vision, response to queries concerning planning and making decisions with minimal human intervention.

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Draw meaningful inferences from images, videos, and other visual inputs and take actions or make recommendations.

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Analyze and examine text and audio annotation using technology to scale and interpret complex nuanced language.

About us


Our AI tools will
facilitate, analyze
and inspect your
industry data,
provide deep insights, help
implement and scale
AI techniques.

Our Sailent features

Different features for the
entire AI lifecycle

SDK as a Service

SDKs facilitate the creation of applications and include all the documentation, sample code, debugging and assembling of resources required to build an application. Python, as well as Java SDKs, are provided, which forms a wrapper around favoured frameworks, like TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, H2o, Weka, etc.


Co-innovation motivates the teams to contribute in working towards the goals. It also plays an important role in collaboratively working on potential solutions. The speed of co-innovation enables rapid insights into the dynamic changes and developments in the industry. It also helps in resource sharing, keeping the professionals well informed.


Expertise of business knowledge and understanding contributes to efficient management. ML Ops helps to deploy and maintain ML models efficiently. Data scientists and operational professionals collaborate to speed up model creation, implementation and help manageML production lifecycle.

Scalable Architecture

Our services can be directly deployed for easy data ingestion, cleansing, and visualization. INTELLIHUB services are capable of handling ever-growing volumes and complexity of data. Tools can handle big volumes of batch, data streaming, and interactive jobs.

Model as a Service

Machine learning models are catalysts to the development of enterprises. Deploy and embody ML-Models that are viable and possess sufficient integrity to generate meaningful insights that contribute to the growth of your business.

Ethical AI

Regulatory uncertainties and ethical issues dampen the pace of AI adoption. INTELLIHUB provides a transparent framework, maintains user data privacy, and builds models with GDPR compliance strategy.

Our vantage point

Outperform your competitors

Instant insights are provided to examine and analyze your company
data and valuable feedback received when required by Simple and
fluid automation

Features Data
Hybrid AI Platforms’ Cloud – (Support
other platform’s API in their Console)
No Vendor Lock-in
AI for Functional Teams 1/5 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 4/5
SDK For Datascience Supporting All 3rd
Party Best of the Breed OpenSource
Opportunity to reduce Total Cost of
Ownership including Infra Cloud Switch
SyntaxAgnostic Coding for best of breed
Support for IoT & IPFS


Process to use INTELLIHUB AI Machine Learning

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deep insights instantly.

Go to your INTELLIHUB AI Studio Build and Train Deploy and Manage

AI for everyone

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  IntelliHub SDK

  • Hybrid AI Services
  • Interoperability of Libraries, Algorithms
  • Syntax Agnostic Coding
  • Language Support(Python,Java)
  • Microservices(ML,CV,NLP,IOT)
  • Cloud API support
  • Model/Hyper parameter tuning
  • Scalable services(Kubernetes)
  • Model Format Conversion
  • File/DB Support
  • Custom AI Labs

  IntelliHub AI

  • No Code/Low Code Platform
  • Hybrid AI Platform Cloud
  • Paid Courses By Industry Specialists
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • AI for Business professionals
  • End to End Model Building(ML,Forecast)
  • Model Format Conversions
  • Live Predictions/Export
  • Re-Train Models
  • Own Your Models(Downloads)

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